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ANP Materials Successfully completed the commercialization of the nano-sized material products utilizing its own state-of-the-art technology for the manufacture of metal & metal oxide ultra fine powders, sol, paste and coating solutions. All Products manufactured from its vertically integrated process capabilities from raw material procurement to final inspection have been applied to electronic display, semiconductor fabrication& special film industry all over the world.

ANP Co.,Ltd Special Products
Materials for Electronics & Display
Materials for Electronics & Display
Conductive oxide sputtering target
ANP has developed a high quality of ITO target for its typical applications of ITO-coated substrates include ...+ MORE
Materials for Solar Cell
Materials for Electronics & Display
Sputtering Target for Thin Film Solar Cell
Transparent conductive, aluminum-doped and undoped AZO (ZnO) target for use in displays, touch screens, solar cell...+ MORE
Microcircuit / Printed Electronics
Materials for Electronics & Display
Nano-silver Ink for Inkjet Printing
Silver ink products for ink jetting such as Silverjet DGP and DGH series can easily produce electrode circuit with fine...+ MORE
Materials for Living Environment
Materials for Electronics & Display
Transparent Ray Blocker Film
ANP produces the world best IR blocking film & coating solutions. TRB Paste is UV curable IR-shielding liquids containing...+ MORE
About ANP Co.,Ltd
Advanced Nano Products Co.,Ltd is the company connecting different technologies to develop the fusion technology, seeking for change & innovation in order to make the future with happiness and well-being by high-end technology. The Future industry is absolutely focused on the new renewable energy, touch-based display, and other environment friendly and human friendly...+ MORE
About ANP Co.,Ltd
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