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Material for IR Cut film

Product Introduction

  • ANP produces the world best IR blocking film & coating solutions. TRB Paste is UV curable IR-shielding liquids containing ITO, ATO, & other ultrafine compounds (solar control paste) with high Vis ray transparency as well as high IR/ UV blocking properties

Product Specification

Test Item Result
SR6070 SM7070 SH7080
Mean Particle size < 60nm
Total Solid Contents 45% 60% 55%
Coating thickness 3~4µm
Coating substrate PET film
Transmittance(%) 550nm 68.13 68.06 78.18
1000nm 40.10 24.75 25.74
Haze < 1.5
Dispersion solvent PGME or MIBK

Product Application

  • Protect from solar heat enerjy with transparentg prpertiles
  • Maximize the efficiency of energy in autonuo siles & buildings
  • strong to danuaye by physiizal impact(Anticorrosne)
  • Scratch resistance.