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Silver Paste for Solar Cell

Silver Paste for Solar Cell

  • ANP CPVW 3000 series paste is a front electrode for mono and multi-crystalline silicon solar cell wafers. It easily penetrates the anti-reflective (SiNx:H or TiO2-x) layer during the firing process and provides low contact resistance. Ag Paste can be co-fired with commercially available backside Al and Ag-Al Pastes.

Typical Physical Properties

Firing Profile

Silver Paste for Solar Cells
CPVW 3000series
Solid Contents 86~90wt%
Viscosity 14~22 Pa.s @25˚C,100S-1
Sheet Resistivity 4~5mΩ/cm3 High Conductivity
Printing 325 or 290 Mesh
Metallic screen
Good Printability & High
Resolution (Actual line
width : 60~70um)
Drying Range 200~300˚C within
30~60 sec
Peak Temp. 730~800˚C Good ohmic contact & High Efficiency
* Cell Efficiency is dependent on Firing Temp.
& Belt speed.

Paste SEM Image


烧结曲线 效率

COMPARISION of Pastes after Firing

Contact Resistance

  • Ag Electrode Width / Thickness : 60~70um / 12~18um
  • Low Shrinkage & Crack-Free


  • Low ratio of pore & Shrinking compared to other paste