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Nano-Particle Slurry (Sol)

ANP Nano-Particle Slurry

  Zirconia/Titania Colloid and Coating

  • ANP is world leading company focusing its business & research area on the manufacturing of ceramic & metallic
    nano-powder applied products.

Product Description

  • Primary Particle Size : 2~30nm
  • Dispersion particle Size : 10 ~100nm
  • High Transparency
  • High Packing Density
  • Various Nano Slurry available (Al2O3, Eu2O3, In2O3,
    La2O3 , MgO, SnO2, TiO2, Y2O3, ZnO, ZrO2 and etc )
  • Superior Properties for Coating and Abrasive

MgF2 Nano-Slurry (10 nm) for AR Coating

* TEM image

ANP MgF2 AR Coating
Transparancy % >96
Haze % <0.4
Reflectance % 1.8
Reflective Index <15nm 1.38~1.4

Ceria Nano-Slurry for CMP Application

  • Particle Size : TEM image

  • Performance data

Other Nano-Slurry types

  • Most of metal oxides in the periodic table are available
    for custom orders