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스크린 인쇄용 Offset 인쇄용 잉크젯 인쇄용 잉크젯 인쇄용

Ag Paste for Gravure-Offset Printing

Offset Silver Paste

Product Introduction

  • Silver Paste for gravure off-set printing is used in printing the electode up to less than 10μm line width and made of nano particles by unique technology of ANP. Silver Paste can be well printed in several kinds of substrates such as flexible plastic plate and glass plate and sintered at low temperature.
 Ag Paste for Gravure-Offset Printing

Product Specification

Properties DGPGO (Nano) DGPGO (Hybrid)
Silver contents(%) 65 ~ 75wt 70 ~ 80wt
Viscosity (cps) 10,000 ~15,000 10,000 ~15,000
Curing Condition 120 ~ 150℃, 30min 120 ~ 150℃, 30min
Specific Resistivity (uΩ•cm) 10 ~ 50 10 ~ 50
Substrate Plastic Film Glass Plastic Film Glass
Printing Method Gravure offset

Product Application

  • PDP address and bus electrode
  • Touch Screen panel
  • OLED
  • EMI Shielding
  • RFID
  • Felxible Display, etc