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Ag Paste for Screen Printing

Silver Nano Paste

Product Introduction

  • Screen printing method has been used widely to produce electrode and electrical line of LED panel, touch panel, solar cell, etc. as one of economical and productive printing method. Silver paste for fine patterning of printed line width and high conductivity is developed to meet the requirement of high functionality and mìniaturization of device

Product Specification

Performance Remark
Line width 60 ~ 70 ㎛
Resistivity 0.7 ~ 2.5 X 10-4 Ω∙㎝ Specific resistance
Viscosity 100,000 ~ 300,000 cps Spinde 51, 0.4RPM
Adhesion 0 Cross - cutting test(ISO2409)
Hardness above 3H Pencil, 1Kg

Product Application

  • TSP(touch screen panel)
  • NFC(near field communication)
  • FPCB(flexible printed circuits board)

Silver Paste - HT

Product Specification

  • It can be used for the formation of electrode of all types of electrical materials as a conductive paste.
Product name Silver Paste-HT 01 Silver Paste-HT 02
Adhesion mechanism Containning PbO Glass Powder Not ContainningPbO Glass Powder
Solid contents(%) 88±2 88±2
Brookfield-Ⅱ+(spindle No.CPE51)
200,000~400,000 cps 200,000~400,000 cps
Curing temperature(℃) 400~700℃ 450~700℃
Resistivity(Ω∙㎝) under 6 X 10-06 under 6 X 10-06
Adhesion (ASTM)) above 5B above 5B
Substrate Glass, Ceramic substrate
Printing method Screen printing(Line Resolution : above 70um)

Product Application

  • Formation of electrode in TSP & Other substrates.

Other Silver Paste

Products name Silver nano Paste DGP-NO Silver paste DGP-MS
Partivle size nano Submicron ~ Micron
Solid contents(%) 70±5 80±5
viscosity(cps) 100,000±50,000 200,000±50,000
Substrate PET Film Glass PET Film Ceramic
Curing condition(℃) 120-150 200-300 120-150 300-400
Resistivity(uΩ•cm) 10-50 2-10 10-50 5-30
Pattern Thickness(um) 1 - 4 8 - 10
Printing method Screen printing Screen printing

Paste for Smart Window Application

Product description

  • Printing the electrode by dispensing method on the substrate of smart window.

Product Specification

Products name Silver Paste DGP-SJ3250 Solid contents 75±5
viscosity 30,000±5,000cps Cuing temo 400℃ ⅹ 10min
Resistivity(uΩ∙㎝) under 6 Substrate ITO Glass
Printing method Dispensing