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Transparent Ray Blocker Film

T.R.B. Paste

 T.R.B. Paste

  • ANP produces the world best IR blocking film & coating solutions. TRB Paste is UV curable IR-shielding liquids containing ITO, ATO, & other ultrafine compounds (solar control paste) with high Vis ray transparency as well as high IR/UV blocking properties and is applied to window film in automobiles and buildings.

Product Specification

1. World best Transparent IR Blocking Film and coating solutions by wet-coating method

Properties Product Categories Remark
Solid Contents(%) 40 50 45  
VLT% (Visible Light Transmission) 70 70 60 ASTM D1003
IR shielding*1 (%) 90 70 70 UV/VIS
Haze (%) < 1.2 < 1.0 < 1.2 ASTM D1003
Hardness 3H 3H 3H ASTM D1003
*1 : Properties changed by the coating method (e.g., Coating Bar#)

2. Spectroscopic transmissibility curve for
   ANP's TRB paste
3. Structure of TRB film

T.C Zinc Powder

Product Specification

  • Highly conductive coating material
  • High visible light transmission
  • High IR / UV Blocking performance
  • High Energy efficient by heat insulation properties
  • Low production cost compared to sputtering film

Product Applications

  • Highly conductive coating material
  • Conductive coating materials & paste
  • Heat Mirror glass & automobile, residential & office building window glass film