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R&D Group

Project Conducted

Period Subject Institution
2011.06.01 ~ 2013.05.31 Development of low price Transparent Conductive Oxides based on IZTO(Indium Zinc Tin Oxide) Small & Medium Business Administration
2011.06.01 ~ 2013.05.31 Development of Light extraction materials & substrate for OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode) Small & Medium Business Administration
2011.03.01~ 2011.12.31 Development of high heat-radiation materials for LED(Light-emitting diode) Small & Medium Business Administration
2010.11.01 ~ 2013.10.31 Development of oxide semiconductors and the high density oxide semiconductor targets for display Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2010.09.01 ~ 2019.03.31 Development of Transparent electrode materials for Flexible display Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2010.07.01 ~ 2012.06.30 Development of printable ink for Touch panel & OLED Daedeok Innopolis
2010.03.01 ~ 2011.03.31 Development of ITO sputtering target with low-temperature crystallization properties Advanced Nano Products
2008.06.01 ~ 2011.05.31 Development of silver paste for the silver electrode on the top surface of solar cell Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2006.10.1 ~ 2011.02.28 Development of Smart Window by utilizing transparent electrical materials Ministry of Information & Communication
2006.09.01 ~ 2007.08.31 Development of nano particles & coating materials for coating of the LCD backlight unit Small & Medium Business Administration
2005.04.01 ~ 2007.03.31 Application of silver inkjet patterning technology into the fabrication of DNA microarray Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
2004.08.01 ~ 2006.07.31 Development of silver nano ink for the electrodes by inkjet pattering method Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
2003.07.01 ~ 2004.06.30 Development of CeO2 Slurry for the application of semiconductor CMP The Korea Science & Engineering Foundation
2004.04.01 ~ 2005.03.31 Development of coating solution for NIR absorption for PDP Filter Small & Medium Business Administration
2002.07.01 ~ 2003.06.30 Development of ITO sputtering target by using the ITO nano particles for TCO Ministry of Science & Technology
2001.04.01 ~ 2002.03.31 Development of the transparent conductive coating solution for CRT by using Ag & AgPd nano particles Small & Medium Business Administration
2000.05.01 ~ 2001.04.30 Production of Nano particles and nano slurries with the transparent & conductive properties Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

Patents Owned

Product Categories Patent Application
Nano Powder Synthesis of Nano powder for isolating IR & Ceramic nanopwders (2 patents) Metallic & ceramic nano powder
Silver ink & paste Various type of Ink formulation for printing
Printing technology for electrode formation
(14 patents)
Silver ink & paste for the application of solar cell, Flexible display, & printed electronics
Sputtering Target Manufacturing of High density target
Method of TCO formation (8 patents)
Transparent conductive electrode in LCD, Touch panel, OLED, Solar cell, & other thin film application
Functional Coating Materials Homogeneous dispersion technology
(2 patents)
Coating solution for automobile & building